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Fantasy Sale

All three of the books in my Legend of the Crystals fantasy series are on sale for 99 cents today! Get them while you can. Crystal Warrior Crystal Origin Crystal Legacy Advertisements

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Prim8 EP

Here are a few songs from my band Prim8. It’s a bit rock, a bit punk, and a bit other. The songs included are: Trees A Billion Miles Away Downtown You Know It Invisible It’s a one man band, so … Continue reading

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Code of Ethics

Recently a number of high-profile authors have demonstrated lapses of judgement and engaged in unethical behavior. Although I know this is nothing new in publishing, I thought it would be a good time to list my own ethical principles when … Continue reading

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Mythology and Causation

Note: The opinions herein are my own and are not intended to support or deny anyone else’s opinion no matter how idiotic. Myth: Getting 50 “likes” is magical and Jesus will hold your book up, live, on the Jesus Show, … Continue reading

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Stop Freaking Out

I’ve been involved in self-publishing for a few years now, and one of the things I see a lot in this business is what I like to call FREAKING OUT. Whether it’s about sales, lack of sales, reviews, lack of … Continue reading

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Originality And Risk

Traditional Publishing is risk averse. There, I said it. Now allow me to explain. When an editor accepts a manuscript, he is counting on a certain number of copies selling to offset production costs. It’s not cheap to turn a … Continue reading

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Over the last few years I have written many stories and made money selling them to readers all over the world. I have also learned a few things. Here’s a short list of what I’ve learned: Great books will not … Continue reading

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