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Code of Ethics

Recently a number of high-profile authors have demonstrated lapses of judgement and engaged in unethical behavior. Although I know this is nothing new in publishing, I thought it would be a good time to list my own ethical principles when … Continue reading

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Mythology and Causation

Note: The opinions herein are my own and are not intended to support or deny anyone else’s opinion no matter how idiotic. Myth: Getting 50 “likes” is magical and Jesus will hold your book up, live, on the Jesus Show, … Continue reading

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Stop Freaking Out

I’ve been involved in self-publishing for a few years now, and one of the things I see a lot in this business is what I like to call FREAKING OUT. Whether it’s about sales, lack of sales, reviews, lack of … Continue reading

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Originality And Risk

Traditional Publishing is risk averse. There, I said it. Now allow me to explain. When an editor accepts a manuscript, he is counting on a certain number of copies selling to offset production costs. It’s not cheap to turn a … Continue reading

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Over the last few years I have written many stories and made money selling them to readers all over the world. I have also learned a few things. Here’s a short list of what I’ve learned: Great books will not … Continue reading

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Greetings, fellow Humans

Welcome to my fiction blog. This is where you can find information about me, my books, and my other interests. I have been writing stories for many years. I primarily write science fiction and fantasy, but I also have stories … Continue reading

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Free eBook

In honor of my first science fiction convention of the year, MarsCon, I’m giving away eBook copies of Alpha Male, which is an action-packed, dark, paranormal novelette. They meet in a graveyard, each dealing with a terrible loss. Silas is … Continue reading

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